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This money-driven world depends on money, works for money & revolves around the money. Now, if this money holds such an essential part of our life, isn’t it paramount to find people who would take care of your money?

VIVEK INVESTMENT is an investment advisory firm started by a Marathi man. We, as a group of experienced professionals, provide investment strategies and help you understand various Economic Growth Schemes at a personal level.


We have more than
five years of experience

In a world that revolves around money, I have seen many people who do frauds & scams for the money. I have also seen people losing their hard-earned money because of mistakes made while investing. They are on the verge of losing their lifelong savings, and after seeing their grief, I have understood the different side of the world.

Since my childhood, I have understood the value of money & the importance of investing money in the right place. That’s why to help out people who feel cheated, I have decided to join the share market.



We have more than
five years of experience

People without getting influenced by people around them can increase their wealth through the share market and understand the true meaning of worry-free life by seeking guidance from “VIVEK INVESTMENT.” Similarly, VIVEK INVESTMENT is not just a platform to seek advice but also a center point to earn money.

That’s why if people want to be successful in life, they should start investing in the share market through VIVEK INVESTMENT.

If you want any information regarding shares, mutual funds, and other investment products, please contact us at VIVEK INVESTMENT…

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