Do you have a LIC policy? Will Gautam Adani sink your money?

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Do you have a policy with LIC and do you think the Hindenburg report on Adani will result in loss of my policy? How safe is LIC’s investment in Adani Group? 

Let’s know all the information about it. 

                Shares of Gautam Adani’s Adani Group tumbled after the Hindenburg report. Those who invested in the Adani group have suffered huge losses It includes individual investors as well as institutional investors. Now that LIC has invested heavily in the Adani group it has also suffered huge losses and this has created an atmosphere of worry among LIC policy holders. 


LIC policy holders are starting to ask questions.

  1. Will the money we invest in the policy get lost?
  2.  Will Adani waste our money?
  3. Will the policy taken by us lapse?

Many such questions are in people’s mind. Let us understand the answers to all these questions. 

American short-selling company Hindenburg publishes a report on January 24. The report made serious allegations against the Adani group. Adani Group has made several manipulations in its own accounts. The Adani Group has overpriced the shares of its own companies. In this report, 88 questions were asked to Adani Group. During this period, there was a big fall in the shares of Adani Group. In just 10 days, Adani has lost more than 9 lakh crores. This raised the concern of people invested in the Adani Group. The country’s largest insurance company has invested heavily in Adani Group. Like others, LIC has also suffered losses. But since this investment is big, the loss is also big. 

Will LIC really collapse? 

LIC has invested Rs 36 thousand 450 crores in Adani Group. The decline in Adani Group’s shares has certainly affected LIC’s earnings. But this loss is so big that LIC collapse? If companies were to go bankrupt due to fluctuations in share prices, thousands of companies would go bankrupt every day. LIC has also made it clear that there is no need to panic in the Adani case. LIC’s total assets are more than 41.66 lakh crores. This means their investment in Adani Group is less than 1 percent. The individual or organization does not incur any loss unless it sells its own shares. When you sell shares, the question of profit or loss arises. LIC has not sold any shares of Adani now so there is no question of discussing how much the loss has been or is going to be. When a person buys a policy, the money collected from your premium is invested by the insurance company in the market. Your claims are paid out of the resulting profits. insurance companies tend to invest in the market with a long-term view, as the claim recovery rate is slow. This is one of the reasons why insurance companies always try to ensure that you get long term insurance to prolong your life. The longer your money is with the insurance company, the longer they earn from this money. LIC has invested in many other companies apart from the Adani group. LIC has invested more than 10 lakh crores in 36 companies in the stock market. If compared to their investment in Adani Group, it is less than 1 percent. Till 20 September 2022, the total AUM i.e. Assets under management was 41 lakh 66 thousand crores. AUM is the money that insurance companies manage in the stock market. LIC’s investment in Adani is 36 thousand 450 crores Which is less than 1 percent of their total investment. The lower the investment, the lower the risk. 

                  LIC has clearly stated that it has made these investments within the risk management framework prescribed for investment institutions. Tuhin Kant Pandey, Secretary, Department of Investment and Public Asset Management told news agency ANI that there is no need to panic about LIC’s investment Their investment is safe. 

LIC comes under safe securities.

They have rated bonds and equities.

They invest according to a safe strategy.

Fluctuations are always seen in the shares of invested companies.

But this does not affect the insurance holders. LIC has released a public note

Which states the value of their investment as on today’s date Now only the decline in Adani Group shares is impacting earnings. If you have a LIC policy then there is no reason to worry. Simply put, LIC policyholders need not panic over the Adani case. 

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