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     In today’s blog we are going to learn about ELECTRIC VEHICLE. Today we are going to look at what will be the benefits for you after ELECTRIC VEHICLE comes and also which companies are profitable. Today we will see through this blog which shares of ELECTRIC VEHICLE to buy for long term investment. 

               We will first look at the advantages of an ELECTRIC VEHICLE car. When you buy an ELECTRIC CAR, its maintenance cost is very low. The ELECTRIC CAR will cost much less than the current cost of diesel and petrol vehicles. ELECTRIC CAR will reduce pollution. In the next few years we will not have to rely on diesel & petrol. 

            Now we will see what are the shares of ELECTRIC CAR which will give you higher returns in the near future. 

1: Amara Raja Batteries Ltd:-

This company is one of the best in the battery industry. It is priced at Rs 800 today. The stock had gone up to Rs 1,230. This company makes batteries. Batteries are used to make electric cars. In the future, the company may get a job as a battery maker, and the company’s share price may rise. The company has paid a dividend of Rs 5 for the month of February 2021. 


2: Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.:-

This company makes auto parts. When the electric car comes in the market, this company can get a big job. The company’s share price is currently trading at Rs 235. The stock has gone up to Rs 260. The price of these shares will also increase when electric cars start running on the road. 


3: Exide Industries Ltd.:-

The company, which makes batteries, has paid dividends over the years. A dividend of Rs 2 has been paid in February 2021. You can invest in this company for a long time. The stock is currently trading at Rs 185. The stock has gone up to Rs 300. 


4: Tata Power Company Ltd.: 

This company operates power transmission only. Now when electric cars come in need of a charging station, Tata Power can do the job. So this company can also grow rapidly and at the same time the share price of this company can also increase. The share price is Rs 105 today. Available at a very low price, the stock has come down from Rs 160. 


5: Tata Motors.:- 

We all know what Tata Motors does. The company has started making electric cars. The company’s shares are worth Rs 300. 


6: Hero MotoCorp Ltd:- 

This company makes two wheelers. When electric cars come on the market, two wheelers can also come in electric.

This company is big in making two wheelers. But at the moment this stock is very expensive and its price today is Rs. 2840. The company has paid a dividend of Rs 65 in February 2021. 


7: Mahindra &Mahindra:- 

This company is in the portfolio of all investors. The company has invested Rs 4,000 crore in electric cars. You are getting this share for Rs. 760 today. If the company makes an electric car, the share price could go up to Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000. The company pays a dividend of Rs 2.5. 


           If you want dividends, you can buy shares of these dividend paying companies. But the condition is that if you think that if you invest in these seven companies, we will get good returns, but this return will not come immediately.  Because the “Corona” era is currently underway and no one can say how many years it will take for the Electric Vehicle to arrive. These trains may arrive as soon as possible. When these cars come into the market, there will be a good boom among all the companies that have their related work.

           You can make small investments in these companies from now on. “You don’t have to invest millions of rupees together to invest. You can invest in it through SIP. If you want to invest in these companies, you can invest Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 per month in all these companies “.

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