How to Make Money in Stock Market?

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It is every one’s desire that he and his family has good lifestyle like big house, car and good education for children. For this one should have good income. 

Today lot and lot people enter share market but keep one thing very clear in mind that one can not become millionaire overnight. You have to enter in an organized manner, get proper knowledge and act accordingly. 

Classification of Investment in Stock Market: 

  1. A person buys and sells in very short duration. We call it as churning in other words the investment is for short term. 
  2. An another class of people buy and investment for period of 3 to 6 years in 4 to 6 good fundamentally sound scrips and generally they are buying at every dips. 
  3. There is a category of people whose existence & survival is on share market. They relatively big with much smaller capital. Hence, they tend to indulge more and more in a Day trading & avoid taking delivery of goods. This entrails maximum risk vis a vis above 2 mode of dealing. It is an avoidable strategy. 

My experience says that first two category of people end up with reasonable returns where in third case one might earns for few days, at a stroke in one or two reversals might take away all the earnings plus some more. 

There is lot and lot of scrips in market covering various different sectors of activities. It is desirable to spread our investment over few sectors rather than betting an in any one particular sector. 

Firstly, locate the sector that is moving currently. List the no. of companies of that sector, short list fundamentally good ones and depending on time frame available, invest in them for short, medium or long term. 

Decide the amount you want to invest. Short list the companies. don’t invest entire sum in one day. Be patient, buy in phases gradually as and when prices are attractive of your scrip you have decided to buy. In doing so, if you miss out buying particular scrip do not regrets. 

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